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Invited Speakers 

Eleanor Lawrence Bright (
  UN-water interaction, UN oxidation

Luca Capriotti (
  Characterization of irradiated fuel alloy for advanced reactors

Albert Casagranda (
  Introduction to BISON

Daniel Chaney (
  U-Mo alloy behaviour

Kasia Clarke (
  Zircalloy-hydrogen interaction

Jessica Dixon (
 October 10th Lunch Speaker : Overview of Postdoc and Intern Programs at INL

Jian Gan (
  MFC overview

Krzysztof Gofryk (
  Physical properties measurements of actinide materials

Lottie Harding (
  U3Si2-water interaction, fuel-water at high temperature/pressure

Lingfeng He (
  TEM capabilities and examples of analysis

David Hurley (
  TETI overview

Rory Kennedy (
  NSUF overview

Robert Mariani (
  Nuclear Fuels and Materials at INL: Soup to Nuts

Daniel Murray (
  Using the FIB to enable physical property measurements

Narayan Poudel (
  Transport measurements using AC techniques

Narayan Poudel (
  October 11th Lunch Speaker: Pressure Effect in Magnetic and Ferroelectric Phases of Type-II Multiferroics

Sophie Rennie (
  UO2 phonons (thermal behaviour), UO2 dissolution, ATF fuels

Angus Siberry (
  COMSOL/FACSIMILE modelling of corrosion behaviour (including fission fuels, and supporting experiments)

Ross Springell (
  Actinide physics, fission/fusion fuels, nuclear materials

Leah Squires (
  Actinide material purification

Joseph Sutcliffe (
  U-Nb alloy behaviour, poly-epitaxial UO2

Peter Zalupski (
  Trivalent f-element coordination chemistry in solutions: Fishing for actinides

Yongfeng Zhang (
  Introduction to MARMOT: A mesoscale fuel  performance code