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Bilateral Workshop on Nuclear Materials

INL/University of Bristol Bilateral Workshop on Nuclear Materials
October 9-11, 2018
Energy Innovation Laboratory
 750 University Blvd, Idaho Falls, ID
Conference Room C203

 EIL Building

This workshop is aimed to provide an avenue to discuss new discoveries and progress on nuclear material research conducted at INL and University of Bristol. The workshop will serve as a kick-off meeting for the future scientific collaboration between these two institutions and will give a unique opportunity for young scientists or scientists new in the field, to gain a knowledge in various areas of actinide science. The meeting will be also an ideal opportunity to meet, question and learn from experts in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
The workshop will be held October 9-11, 2018 and will be co-sponsored by the INL's Seaborg Institute. Topics that will be covered in this workshop include but are not limited to (i) new advancements in understanding the physical properties of correlated uranium systems, (ii) spectroscopic properties and surface chemistry of uranium oxides, and (iii) structural effects in thin films in uranium systems.


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